News August 2023

Minutes of Annual General meeting held on 5 August 2023

at New Lynn Friendship club hall,

3063 New North Road, New Lynn, Auckland.

No. of Present members :200

First Half

  1. Meeting was started at 10.00am.
  2. Shri Bharatkumar Parikh started meeting with his welcome speech and safety rules for the members.
  3. Ladies group made a prayer.
  4. Two minutes silence were made for our late Shri Kiranbhai Sheth (Life time member).
  5. BeautifulDance was performed by our ladies group (Kirtidaben & group) on Radha Krishna.
  6. Smt.Vidyaben Patel sang Bhajan on Adhikmas.
  7. Smt. Nilimaben Upadhyay(Guest) made a kavya pathan performance on it.
  8. Smt. Vidya Teke(Guest) sang a beautiful song and then made a brief announcement of her upcoming show and offer tickets to the members.
  9. Shri Dineshbhai Shah sang beautiful Bollywood song on film border.
  10. Shri Jasubhai patel sang a beautiful patriotic Bollywood song on film Haqkikat and also sang a song on Raksha Bandhan.
  11. Alkaben and ladies group performed a beautiful fashion show on dresses of various Indian states. tifashion show.
  12. Shri Rachit Bhatia(Guest) sang a some beautiful song and brief the members about his coming show on 7/10/2023 and also offer discounted tickets to our members.
  13. Shri Dharmendrabhai Mehta sang a beautiful song on birthday.

Second Half

  1. Members enjoyed August Birthdays of members. Shri Jasubhai Patel sang Birthday song.
  2. Shri Bharatkumar Parikh announce various information about upcoming events in August 2023 in Auckland. He also requested members to purchase $10 meal coupon for our yuva wing events schedule on13/8/23.
  3. Shri Bharatkumar Parikh(secretary) announce bye election of our committee for the vacant posts and declare Shri Chunibhai Mehta as a Election Officer.
  4. Shri Chunibhai Mehta, election Officer, also address members to come forward to nominate themselves for upcoming bye election schedule on 2/9/2023.
  5. Shri Kiritbhai Thaker deliver his presidential speech and update members about progress of the samaj.
  6. Shri Dharmendrabhai Mehta inform members about youth wing updates with upcoming event schedule on 13/8/2023.
  7. Indian National Anthem was sang together by all members @Indian independence day.
  8. Shri Prabhubhai Desai chant Bhojan Mantra and then all members enjoyed lunch with sweet donated by Smt. Jasubhai Patel.
  9. Shri Narharibhai Patel and other team members and ladies group has done wonderful job in kitchen and during catering of food to all members and guest.
  10. All members left hall around 2.00 pm
  11. Cleaners has clean the utensils and hall and committee members and volunteers left the hall at 3.30 pm after locking the hall.